Please have a look at some examples of sites we've built.

Resources & Tools for Business Success

Resources & Tools for Business is, by far, the largest project that we have undertaken. The site is actually closer to 50 websites, all customized to look like the client's homepage. The bulk of the content (nearly 1,000 different links) is standard for every client, but each one gets their own state and client specific links as well. Built on the Zurb Foundation Framework, these sites are web and moblie friendly, with fast loading times and adaptive content. Here are just a few examples of sites in the Resources 4 Business Project.

Resources for Business Homepage

Durango Geophysical Operations

Durango Geophysical is a family owned and operated company that has been in the geophysics business for the last 50 years. The site is still under construction.

Older Sites

These sites aren't currently live and were built with Adobe Flash. These include a site for Bakers Bridge Bulldogges, Latitude Exploration, and a couple older version of the optic scatter site.